Fitmee Konjac Onion Chicken Noodle – Food Benefit

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Fitmee Konjac Onion Chicken Noodle


Fitmee Konjac Onion Chicken Noodle

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ONION CHICKEN FLAVOR (71g / Serving size)

Super LOW calories per serving (30 Calories), rich in dietary fiber, Keto friendly. With attractive and hygienic packaging, Fitmee's healthy noodles with Onion Chicken flavor are noodles for a low-carb diet that is only 30 kcal.

Even though it is low in calories and cholesterol free, Fitmee's healthy noodles are still rich in flavor with a special kicking aroma. One of the latest Fitmee variants comes with a classic onion chicken taste that must be tried.

Nutrition Facts

*No Saturated Fat 

*No Cholesterol 

Total Carbohydrate 7gDietary Fiber 1gSugars  1gNatrium 1150mg