Quinoa Curry Meal – Food Benefit

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Quinoa Curry Meal
Quinoa Curry Meal


Quinoa Curry Meal

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Enjoy this delicious gluten-free meal, with a supply of protein, fiber and iron.This product is ideal to be used in many recipes or to be eaten alone.

Vitalinti Ready to Eat Quinoas have different ways to be prepared, they can be heated in a pot or in the microwave (the container is suitable for microwave).

Quinoa is an ancient food that has been harvested for thousands of years by the inhabitants of the Andes of Peru. In addition, it played a vital role in the diet of the Incas due to its extraordinary properties. This product maintains the same Peruvian flavor, culture and passion with which it was harvested in Inca times.

Suggested Usage 
Add this great product to soups, replace it with rice, use to make Quinotto (Quinoa Risotto), or if you're short on time, microwave for 90 seconds, pour onto a plate and enjoy.

-1 Quinoa Curry pouch 
-A dash of salt
-½ onion finely diced
-⅓ cup of cooked veggies or your choice
-⅓ cup cashew pieces

1. Open, pour and heat Quinoa Curry in a large pot
2. Add veggies and diced onions to pot and salt to taste
3. Stir in cashew, serve on plate, enjoy

Nutrition Facts
About 2.5 servings per container
Serving size 100g 140 kcal 
Total Fat 5g |Saturated Fat 0.5g |Trans Fat 0g |Cholesterol 0mg |Sodium
340mg |Total Carbohydrate 19g|Dietary Fiber 3g|Total Sugars 3g |Protein 5g|Calcium 35mg|Iron 4mg|Potassium 300mg

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