Fitmee Konjac Sauce Carbonara Spaghetti – Food Benefit

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Fitmee Konjac Sauce Carbonara Spaghetti


Fitmee Konjac Sauce Carbonara Spaghetti

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CARBONARA FLAVOR (71g / Serving size)

Low calories per serving , rich in dietary fiber, Keto friendly. The calories from mee carbonara are different from noodles in general because with the enjoyment of the carbonara sauce, it only contains 120 calories. 

Fitmee Carbonara uses chopped beef with powdered cheese seasoning which is super yummy. Processed hygienically, the enjoyment of carbonara sauce can now be obtained without the need to be afraid of fat and feeling guilty, the delicious Italian dishes are ready to pamper your tongue and satisfy your appetite. 

Nutrition Facts

Saturated Fat 1g ︳Protein 1g Total Carbohydrate 27gDietary Fiber 4gSugars  5gNatrium 500mg