Fitmee Konjac Fried beef Noodle – Food Benefit

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Fitmee Konjac Fried beef Noodle


Fitmee Konjac Fried beef Noodle

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FRIED BEEF FLAVOR (71g / Serving size) 

Low calories, rich in dietary fiber, Keto friendly. Fitmee is a low calorie instant noodle made from konnyaku, This makes fitmee healthier than other instant noodles. There are only 120 calories in each preparation of the fitmee sauce bolognese. Definitely meets the needs if you are into a healthy lifestyle and on a diet program. 

Nutrition Facts

*No Total Fat

*No Saturated Fat

*No Cholesterol 

Protein 1g Total Carbohydrate 29gDietary Fiber 5gSugars  5gNatrium 640mg